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 Galachi's GM app

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PostSubject: Galachi's GM app   Galachi's GM app Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 1:10 am


I'm 18.

Your main character:

My characters would probably be Tyisur, Gesiki, and/or Galachi. I know the main i made for the server back when it was up was Gesiki.

Where are you from? (Country):

I'm from the U.S. Smithville, Tennessee.

What kind of person do you class yourself as?:

I'm known as an asshole, apparently, to people. I see it more as being stern and sometimes hardheaded. I'll easily tell someone how it is and how things work, and I don't take too much shit. I'm also not afraid to do some people's, who're too lighthearted, dirty work. Er. Anyways. I can be really nice though, ask a few people about that. I love to help and to learn (anything about being and using GM...ness that I don't know).

Why do you think you should become GM on our server?:

I think I'd like GMship because I can bring a good imagination (good for event idea, custom gear and/or instance ideas.) I also said I'm openly helpful, so hell ticket duty would suit me fine so that no one else has to worry about it.

What will you bring to the server? (fun, excitement, etc):

I hope a little bit of everything and anything

How much do you know about being a GM, at ascent emulator?:

I know their duty, their reason. I have an idea of how they should act and perform. I know commands.. I know some, and I can quickly learn anything else. Ha.

Do you have any previous GM experience, Aka being GM on any other server?:

I've honestly never been a GM on any server, but have known a few. I cant recall them all. I obviously know a few form Exigence, but those don't count in my book.

For how long have you been playing on our server?:

I'd joined the server not too long before Nalrah started doing things to it and I tried to keep up-to-date with its status so I could get back on it and make it a bit more awesome if possible.

What kind of GM are you? Ticketer, creator etc. etc:

As far as the type of GM I could be, I could be anything I'm needed to be. I'm here to support and help I guess. Ticket duty sounds fine to me, just to keep the annoyance of it off the other GMs. Development would be awesome. I don't care honestly, I just wanna be a GM and help the server I guess.

..Hmm to the other group of questions.



Do you have a microphone?:

Nope, but I can get one the moment I get some cash.

Email Address:

Can you get on ventrilo?:

Got it right now and it works fine for now.

Do your friends have access to your account?:

Nope. Never.

Would you ever discriminate against someone/something in which you do not fully agree in:

Usually I respect people's opinions, though I'm always up for a good debate. Though I love to /spit at people who love Dragonforce =p

Have you voted for the server?:

This one? Nope. Any server? Nope. I can though.

What times do you usually play?:

Fuck.. Anytime. I tend to be on anytime between noon and early morning central time. And I'm usually on the whole time between those hours. That is until school starts (next week). I'll be unavailable on Thursdays and on Friday afternoons then.

Fluent Languages:

English. Tis all

Do you have a retail World of Warcraft account? If so, please list the level(s) of your character(s):

I do. I had a 60 up until AQ came out then I was hacked and lost his gear. Came back about right before BC and got him to 62 then went to a warlock and got it to 64ish before my friends left me and I lost me people to play with, so I quit.

Do you have previous experience at being a Game Master?:

Very little, but i still know some things.

How familiar are you with the Ascent GM commands?:

Familiar enough to use them, I'm learning more actually. I'll have it all down relatively soon.

Do you have a bad temper?:

When I'm in a bad mood, yep. But I'm usually very quiet on those days. And even then, I know how to contain myself, especially when in a position that requires me to do so.

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PostSubject: Re: Galachi's GM app   Galachi's GM app Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 4:05 am

Like I said on aramatal's Gm app, we do need GM's from USA that knows wtf they are doing, Welcome to the staff mate.

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Galachi's GM app
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