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 BlueShift's GM application

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PostSubject: BlueShift's GM application   Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:16 am

Age: I am 14 years old

Your main character: BlueShift

Where are you from? (Country): Denmark

What kind of person do you class yourself as?: A g33k. I usually hang out with my friends at school and after school at my place

Why do you think you should become GM on our server? I got alot of experience in wow and in ArcEmu. I'm always friendly to everyone, and I don't just say no to an question. I always elaborate my answers.

What will you bring to the server? (fun, excitement, etc): As always... Fun... But I also like doing events and making them

How much do you know about being a GM, at ascent emulator?: Yes. I had my own server since patch 1.0 or something like that

Do you have any previous GM experience, Aka being GM on any other server?: Yes. (I mean) was I GM for like 2 months, and stopped playing there.

For how long have you been playing on our server?: Started today (07/09)

What kind of GM are you? Ticketer, creator etc. etc: Creator for the most

Almost the same as above, are you specified at something special? Hmm... Let's find the big book of me Razz Uhm, I'm good at WoW, I can play every class / race and I do have the new WotLK, so I tried to play DK aswell.

Additional information (not really necessary, just bonus): Nothing Smile

Might be a bonus if you have a great wall of text, aka using spaces, and color the question/answers.
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PostSubject: Re: BlueShift's GM application   Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:18 am

Declined since we got creators at the moment, Hope to see you in game anyway

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BlueShift's GM application
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